Understanding your manpower and cash issues can determine the success or failure of any project. Do not overestimate your capabilities or underestimate your cash flow.  Map out the details of all of the projects going on and what you are bidding that could happen in the near future.

Inflexibility is another challenges. Map out your plan and continually review your plan versus reality. Be willing to make changes when you see your plan is failing. Without a plan or refusing to gauge success against your plan has doomed many companies to continue down a road to failure. Have a willingness to change the plan and learn. Fail teachs you a lot.


Заказчик: Awesome Company
Расположение: Barcelona, Spain
Площадь: 450,000 m2
Завершен: 2015
Сумма: $900,000
Проект: John Doe


  • Expediting and securing all permits, licenses, inspections, sign-offs, and occupancy certificates required by jurisdictional agencies.
  • Coordinating and supervising work performed by trades and outsite suppliers for quality, completeness, schedule, and conformity with plans and specifications/
  • Upon substaintial completion of contruction, examine work to assure efficacy quality and proper commisioning of equipment.
  • Developing a community relations program.
  • Provide the highest quality service to build-up the best result of the project as the agreement between 2 sites.


Аренда манипулятора оказалась очень выгодной, думал заказывать кран но специалисты компании грамотно подошли к своему делу, выяснили какой тип работы и сэкономили мои средства) Спасибо Логисту Алене за грамотную работу!!

Заказывал бетон м300 для фундамента дома из газобетона, а так же бетононасос 32 метра. Все очень оперативно получилось за 3.5 часа отлили фундамент в 20 м3. Спасибо Вашей компании

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